Santa Dad Commercial (Background) – November 21, 2017
In this Hasbro commercial for a Frozen doll, Pallavi pops up in the background as a SHOCKED customer around 1:10. Her (background) acting skills are UNRIVALED!

Crack Em Up Comedy Podcast #8 – November 17, 2017
Co-hosts: Del Harrison welcomes guest host Chico Will
Guests: Comedians Carl Spitale, DC Ervin, Aida Rodriguez, Pallavi Gunalan, Chaz Carter, Ron Taylor, Megan Sousa, Jason Jamerson, Jonas Presendieu, Cam Bertrand and our engineer Max Goldman. Catch Pallavi at 0:31:40.

The Wisdom Tree – October 30, 2017
In this animated short by the folks at Cow Clown, Pallavi plays the son of a man who doesn’t quite get the answers he needs from an all-knowing tree.

Starting Stand-up – October 9, 2017
A satirical piece by Pallavi on the overwhelming and contradictory advice rained down on young comics. Everyone’s just trying to do the best they can and should keep doing their own thing as long as they’re not hurting anybody.

Crack Em Up Comedy Podcast #2 – October 4, 2017
Co-hosted by Jonnae Thompson, Nichelle Murdock and Buttah Man.
Guests: Tips & info from Casting Director Natasha Ward, a few rising comedy stars plus Uncle Levi and Dj Shawn from the Crack Em Up Comedy show team. Catch Pallavi at 1:00:00.

CIRCA91 – October 3, 2017
Ruby Ibarra and Beatrock Music’s CIRCA91 is a rap album filled with honesty, raw emotion, and stories that immigrants and anyone who feels like an outsider can relate to. Ruby opens up about her and her family’s story of moving to the U.S. from the Philippines, encountering bigotry and ignorance, and overcoming her own obstacles. This album features voice skits by Pallavi on Track 3 – Someday, Track 5 – Roll Call (Interlude), Track 9 – Voices I (Interlude), and Track 16 – Voices II (Interlude).

Ignorance Is Blessed – September 27, 2017
Jessica Michelle Singleton interviews Pallavi as she wraps up her first year in comedy! Pallavi talks about what her parents think, where she expects to be in five years, and the highlights of her comedy career thus far.

Comedians Cinema Club – August 5, 2017
Guest host Jordan Perry invites Pallavi Gunalan to discuss her current favorite film, Mad Max: Fury Road (or favourite if you’re European). Although they don’t really talk about movies that much. This episode found on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Mirror, Mirror on Project Alpha – July 15, 2017
Hosted by Nick Casalini, this show mimics a late night talk show where all the guests are comedians who perform their entire set into a mirror with reactions only from the crew and the laugh track.

Thank You for Being a Podcast: The Golden Girls Podcast Episode #147 Melodrama
Pallavi, Anthony Desamito, and Genevieve Rice watch Episode #147 of the Golden Girls and discuss their impressions. They eat unnecessary vegan pizza and watched the one where Blanche begins to fall in love with a regular booty call, but does he feel the same way? Also Rose is up for a weekend reporter position at her job and is covering… wait for it… A DOG SHOW! They talk about being Disneyland slut-shamed, Taco Bell dates and trauma trapping men. Music by Mike Dennison (@mikd33) and Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz).

Backseat Radio with Tay Tay – April 30, 2017
Pallavi and Taylor King talk about comedy and how nothing matters, as well as living in the moment.

Centurion Club – April 6, 2017
Pallavi fills in as co-host for William Gilliam as she, Andrew Ryan Fox, and Nick Flanagan drink a shot of beer a minute for one hundred minutes and discuss Andrew and Nick’s Canadian roots.

These Guys and Girls Podcast Episode #22
Pallavi speaks with Von Roburts and Malcolm Blackcungfu Hall about being an engineer and comedian and what drives her.

Centurion Club – March 23, 2017 
Pallavi drinks a shot of beer a minute for one hundred minutes with Andrew Ryan Fox, William Gilliam, and Leah Mansfield. Pallavi talks about comedy and William apologizes to her for bad behavior.

Kill Tony Episode #194 Audio (at 21:14) or Video (at 34:54)
Pallavi is given one minute to impress a panel composed of Joe Rogan, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Brian Redban with her standup. The panel interviews her about dating, performing in India, her goals in comedy, and more.

Kill Tony Episode #179 Audio (at 40:50) or Video (at 51:00)
Pallavi is given one minute to impress a panel composed of Candice Thompson, Jessica Michelle Singleton, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Brian Redban with her standup. They talk about bar fights and the worst thing she’s ever done.